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Conterstroke io - fight io battle royale game. Play Conter Strike io in survival mode. The rule Last Man Standing and shrinking map. Conterstroke io is the game in popular Fortnite io style.

Conterstroke io

In the battle involved about 17 players. Respawn place is random at different parts of the map. As a shelter, you can use buildings or trees. Reducing the game space begins after warning of an impending storm. The winner is determined by the principle - only one should remain.


You will need a little time to get used to the control. The main difficulty is shooting. It's not customary to open fire on the enemy using the right mouse button. Alternative way - V.
LMB in the game is for movement. You can also use the buttons AWSD to move.
To pick up item - F. To throw - X or drag and drop.
Change weapon - click on the icon, mouse or Q-E.
Recharge - R or avtomatic.
Optics - G.