Stabfish io

About game

Stabfish io is a free fish fighting game that you play online in your browser. Your task is to destroy opponents using a sharp spike. Fight in the oceanic arena to score as many points as possible and decorate your skewer with victorious trophies. To do this, eat food and use your formidable point for defense and attack. Unlock new types of fish to start next battle stronger and cooler one.

Stabfish io

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How to play

The main task in the Stabfish io battle is to move deftly and cunningly in order to take the most advantageous position for defense or a decisive blow. The more opponents you destroy, the stronger your weapon becomes. But in any case, you need to remain extremely careful, because the length of your point does not protect you from back or sides attacks.


Move your mouse to control (fish follows the cursor)
Press LMB to boost