Nightpoint io

About game

Nightpoint io is a retro Nintendo-style 2D shooter for PC that you can play online without downloading. Charming blocky graphics and highly dynamic fun is exactly what game is all about. Your enemies are zombies and other online players. Zombies are the main source of your points for getting more powerful weapons. And other online players are competitors in the fight for the championship in the ranking

Nightpoint io

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How to play

Looking for weapons or armor in the Nightpoint io game is a pointless exercise. You can upgrade only by destroying frags. As soon as the battle began, do not let the zombies close to you so as not to receive damage. For each zombie destroyed, you get points that are needed to get powerful gun. Thus, the longer you are in the game, the stronger your machine gun. Keep an eye on the stock of health in order to retreat in time to recuperate


LMB - Shoot
WASD - Move
Spacebar - Dash