Evo World io

Evo World io is one of the best evolution games to play online. Incredibly rich gameplay in EvoWorld.io will surprise you with a huge variety of creatures. Some of them will be well known to you, but some you will see for the first time. Find out who eats whom and is a mortal danger in the real world. Try to survive as long as possible to evolve into a powerful predator.

Evo World io

Evo World io game

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How to play

You start your way in Evo World io game as a small fly. Eat appropriate food and avoid hostile species. What you can eat and the creatures you can defeat are highlighted with a green halo. Dangerous opponents are marked with a red areola. Don't forget to drink water and keep an eye on the thirst indicator. Fight, eat and survive to evolve and dominate this amazing game world.


Left-click or W - move up.
Mouse or AD - move left, right.