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FieldsOfFury io game is a first-person shooter in the style of World War II battles. Fight in a well-coordinated team to complete the main combat mission. The main task in Fields Of Fury is to capture the opponent's flag and at the same time protect your own one. At the end of the round, the team that delivers the trophy flag to their base more times wins. The soft and pleasant picture looks quite attractive. The graphics are quite high quality for a browser-based online shooting game.

FieldsOfFury io
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How to play

Choose one of three types of fighters to start FieldsOfFury io fight. Arm yourself with a rifle, shotgun, or machine gun. Choose the type that best suits your skills and the needs of your team. You will also be pleased with the possibility of fun communication with teammates. This way you can discuss tactics and interaction on the battlefield. Here you don't just shoot everyone you see, here you really fight in the team.


Move - WASD
Jump - Space
Shoot - Left-click
Aim - Right-click
Change weapons - 1-4
View Score - Tab