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About game

Death Fight io game is a quick online one-on-one duel with a random opponent. In this game you are fighting with live opponent in real time. This game has a large selection of warfare means. All methods are good to achieve your main goal - win duel. Battle ends very quickly. Sometimes a few seconds are enough to determine winner. All your achievements are rewarded. Even if you lose, you get a small reward. Earned money you can spend in the store to buy skins.

Death Fight io

How to play

Before start of the fight, random selection of an opponent takes place. You need to be extremely careful from the first seconds of the battle. One mistake and duel lost. We can say that Death Fight duel is Battle Royale for two. Because there will be only one winner. Try to be the one!


Use AWSD to control your character.
Use Space to shoot. It will take a little time to get used to.