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About game Def and fly io game

Interesting specific idea of the game (Deflyio) will be liked by many. The original combination of genres in Defly io makes the game attractive. Flying, shooter and capture strategy with subsequent protection of the territory. The main task is to control the territory, but you need to fly a helicopter and shoot at the same time. In the role of pilot at the helm of the helicopter you need to put tags and connect them together.
Thus, you outline your possessions which in the future will be your hiding place in a battle with competitors. But remember that walls are also vulnerable to attacks. In order to destroy the barrier you need to destroy the reference point. In this way, you can squeeze out enemy territory. The main thing in to survive yourself at the same time.

How to play

The main thing is to understand how to start the game.
1. Click on Play in the window.
2. Below put a mark - Do not show again, well, it's if you understand everything about the management.
3. Click the Close button, and this screen saver will not disturb you anymore.
Enjoy all the games! Here the main thing to understand, and further it will be more interesting. It's better to use AWSD, not arrows.