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About game

Grogg io game about pirates treasure will give you chance to become the richest and most powerful pirate king. Gained in various way items you can sell to the store located on the main island. For money you can buy grog io to rise level.

How to play

The main island is located in the center of the game world. In the store you can sell and buy. It is interesting that the cost of buying and selling is no different. Try not to carry a lot of valuables with you. Better to sell, because you can be robbed at any time. Greedy competitors are waiting for you.
After a few dug-out chests, your well-being will improve considerably. Now you can afford a few dozen bottles to be stronger. Grog is the most stylish drink in the game that gives a lot of experience.


In Grogg io game you have to drink a lot to feel like a pirate and become the strongest one. Struggle for supremacy in the vastness of the ocean are waiting for you.
Move on land and water - AWSD.
Digging - right mouse button.
Shoot and other action - Left mouse button or space bar.
Trade - E.

Grogg io