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About game

Gunzer io game is a variation of the RTS with more fight components then strategy. In the game you do not need to build your base. More attention should be given to the strength of troops.

Gunzer io

How to play

Absence of the base makes its own adjustments to the game process. On the one hand, you do not have to return to your base each time, but on the other you will have nowhere to hide in case of a strong enemy attack. Therefore, you will have to fight or run away. The game is well balanced, so strong players do not have a clear advantage.

Do not try to shoot with only the weakest soldiers in your army. This fighting units intended only to protect their master. If you already have fighters capable of shooting then press the left mouse button to open fire on the enemy. You will shoot in the direction indicated by the cursor.
Movement is carried out by buttons AWSD. Thanks to this, you can shoot back down.
To buy a unit use buttons with the appropriate number, one click - plus one fighter. Here you can see the number of hired and the maximum allowed number of fighters.