About game

Lordz.io (Lordzio) game is the best product among io games throughout the year. At this moment Lords io battles where rivals lord io army fight online are the most qualitative and therefore the most popular. This real Lord game is constantly evolving.


How to play

Almost every day we can observe updates and improvements. At some time in Lordz.io there were problems with the display of game units. There were lordz io not play in the latest version of Chrome. But the developers quickly corrected everything and now you can easily enjoy the game. This indicates very strongly that the guys are determined and serious.

Lordz.io (Lordzio)

Lordzio game was for a while in the shade. True popularity and fame came a few months after the release. Accelerated for a long time, but as a result, go at a good speed. Against this background, it will be important to recall and consider games in the io style that are the forerunners and inspirers for the creation of Lordz io. Everyone can enjoy the game of lords io fight as a modern continuation and development of a very interesting and fascinating direction. We will try to collect all similar games for comparison and familiarization with games in this fight io style.