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About game

The game Mine Royale io is divided into rounds according to the Battle Royale rule. Also, the style declared in game MineRoyale.io obliges all players to obey the rule of narrowing allowed play zone.
As for the rest, the main game idea resembles Minecraft. That is, you need to find and collect materials to create weapons, good armor and healing potions. All this will help you to confront opponents in final battle. This battle will certainly occur in a short time since the game does not have much time in each round.

How to play

The main features of the game Mine Royale io, which are better to know from the very beginning. 1. Pay attention to the mines which are marked on the map as lines. In these mines you can find wood. 2. Dig using a pickaxe and dynamite to advance to the center of the map. 3. Block the path to separate from public territory. 4. Use disguise (sneaking) to not be visible to opponents.

Mine Royale io


1. Navigate using the keyboard buttons. Use the mouse to specify a square for any action.
2. Use the mouse wheel or numbers to select the item in your inventory.
3. Shift activates a disguise mode that allows you to go unnoticed.
4. Use the left mouse button for any action - dig, cut mushroom, blow up, fight.
4. E - create.

Alternative names : MineRoyale io, Minecraft Battle Royale