Clash Of Tanks

Clash Of Tanks is an online battle in popular mode where you need to destroy three enemy towers. Whoever does it first will win the fight. In Tanks Clash you are fighting one on one with real online opponent in a way of throwing into battle various types of units.

Clash Of Tanks

Clash Of Tanks game

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How to play

Each card has a different price that depends on tank strength and profession. All units in the game Clash Of Tanks have their own specialization. For example, Prisms cause severe damage to enemy towers by laser shoots. The weakest unit Buggy is very stubborn and at all costs trying to hit the towers like a kamikaze.
You can get acquainted with all technical characteristics of combat vehicles before starting the game. But the best way to learn and remember smallest details is to play game a few dozen times.


Use mouse and pointer. Drag and drop available card into your half of field. Then your warriors act on their own in accordance with its specialization.