About game

FNF online is a version of the popular music game Friday Night Funkin that you can play in your browser. FNF is a fun music fight between two characters, one of which is you. Deftly press 4 buttons to keep the rhythm right and not let the enemy beat you in this fun musical battle.
Cool music and bright illustrations make the game even more fun. You can find a huge number of mods with different characters and different melodies.

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How to play

If you have never played Friday Night Funkin before you need to start from the easiest mode. When you learn how to catch the rhythm you can try to win in a most difficult fight. Your task is just to press the appropriate buttons in time. The fewer mistakes, the closer your victory. Everything seems very simple, but gradually the speed increases and it becomes more and more difficult to cope with the task.


Use WASD or arrows up, down, left, right on your keyboard.