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About game is new 2D Battle Royale game in fantasy style. In Thelast io game you need to fight in castle until the last warrior.
In the beginning you appear in the dragon's nest. Here you can prepare for the upcoming battle by getting weapon from dragon's egg. Later, huge dragon will take you to the battlefield. You need to fight in the territory of small castle, the size of which will gradually become less and less.

How to play

A distinctive feature of the game is a special set of various fabulous weapons. In this game you will not find guns, machine guns or grenades that are usual for most Battle Royale games. Instead, you will use magical staves and melee weapons in battle. Proper use of different types of weapons is the key to your success.
To be prepared for any circumstances you need to collect a full-featured set in your inventory. Also, you can find additional armor and healing potions in chests and barrels on battlefield.


Fight to the last to prove your superiority in this fabulous battle of survival.
1. Press spacebar to jump and hold it to go down faster.
2. AWSD to move.
3. Pick up - E.
Drag and drop to free up inventory.
LMB to attack
1-6 buttons, mouse wheel or click on icon to change weapons.