Bladez io

About game

Bladez io game is classic fight io battle for survival in which you have several tasks at once. The first thing you need to take care of in the game is how not to expose your back to the opponent’s blow. The second goal is to collect as much feed as possible in order to grow the longest blade. Killed enemies are particularly valuable source of nutrients.
This game is already familiar to many gamers in a slightly different interpretation. Actually this is new game version. Only now, instead of sausages, you armed with more formidable weapon. But the funny look of characters has remained unchanged.

Bladez io

Bladez io game

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How to play

To claim the Bladez io championship and become the owner of a huge blade you need to fight with other players who will continuously hunt for you and everyone around. Try to pierce your opponent in order to increase your rating and get extra food. It is interesting that in this game all players, regardless of the length of weapon, have the same vulnerability. One precise blow is enough to defeat the most titled enemy. A long sword will help you hunt, but it does not protect you from an insidious attack from behind.


Your fighter follows the cursor.
Left click to speed up.