Gulch io

Gulch io game is new cool 2D Battle Royale in excellent quality. The game will surprise you with new interesting ideas and original performance of already approved in popular games components. This game has everything we need for modern io game plus some specific features. Look for a helmet, body armor, telescopic sight, backpack, extended cartridge and reinforced bullets To be properly equipped.

Gulch io

Gulch io game

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How to play

Gulch io game looks well balanced in all gaming components. A sufficiently large supply of vitality and additional armor will allow you to survive for a longer time. First-aid kits will help restore health.
Ammunition can be of different levels with correspondingly different levels of strength. Items of purple are top. Helmet and body armor significantly increase resistance of your fighter. Optical sight increases radius of visibility. Backpack will expand inventory. Reinforced bullets cause more damage by more accurate shooting.


Soft beautiful graphics, smooth movement and most familiar control will allow you adapt easy.
WASD - move
Left click - shoot
Right click - aim - increase view in aiming direction
F - pick up, open door
M - map