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Zombsroyale io is survival Battle Royale shooter arena. In Zombs Royale io an interesting principle was developed for the beginning of each round. You need to wait until the right number of players. You have to wait a long time, because many people want to play. A decent online is observed from the first days after the release. Once the limit is reached, a round begins.

Zombsroyale io

Zombsroyale io game

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How to play

Feature of this game is in the fact that you in the beginning of the fight you need to airborne from the aircraft. In this case, you can choose the place of disembarkation yourself. For example, you can look at a suitable landscape for you or a weapon that can also be viewed from an airplane or simply landed far away from everyone if you have not yet mastered the features of the Zombsroyale io game. Using AWSD can be controlled during the flight by parachute. This allows you to land exactly in the desired location. You can immediately take possession of powerful weapons or land near the desired shelter.

Inside buildings you can find ammunition or stumble upon a hiding enemy. To check the room does not necessarily go inside. You can just go to the window and you will have a view of the contents inside the building. Through the window you can not go in, but you can shoot at the enemy. For you, too, can fire if you do not hide behind the wall. In Zombsroyale.io you can not sit in shelter for a long time as the blue gas zone will make you navigate the map.