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About game

Browser game Crapl io: Crash a planet will enjoy you by design and colorfulness. But despite the beauty in you have to fight like usually. In the game you gradually increase your level and power. The growth of strength is expressed in the number of satellites in the orbit of your planet. These satellites will be your weapons in battle with online competitors. It will be necessary to count the process of rapprochement with the opponent, so that he would hit him with his companion and not get himself hit by meteorites in enemy orbit.

Crapl io

How to play

Each tries to gain as much mass as possible and to grow an entire system in its orbit. The assembled system looks very attractive and is a formidable weapon. To do this, you need to collect stars or destroy rivals. The task in is that you need to raise the level of your character and become a huge invincible structure. Its status can be determined by rating which is standardly located in the upper right part of the screen.