Agario Gold

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Agario Gold is an interesting version of the popular game like all fans of any game similar to Agar io. is developed taking into account all the favorite moments and added new interesting features. Now you can share in two ways. Each of which is interesting in its own way and is used depending on the situation. Also, a variety of skins and a lot of gameplay settings allow you to customize the game.

Agario Gold

Agario Gold game

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How to play

In the description, only interesting features of cell division in Agario Gold are needed. Added a function of immobilization due to which your cell will solidify in place.
There are several new functions, but for mastering it will not take much time and effort.

Consider the features of the division in Agario Gold.

1. A standard press of a space key will divide the cell into two parts. In this case, half the mass will be thrown in the direction of the cursor. You can use this function when chasing a smaller cell than half your weight. This is such a kind of a shot for eating an opponent.
1.1. This function is useful when you escape because after the bifurcation the speed of agar cells increases. Here everything is clear and corresponds to the rules of the classical Agario.
3. And here the separation by the method of pressing the key E is a novelty.
After using the button E in Agario Gold, the mass ejection in the indicated direction occurs, but the particles are small and for the attack will not be useful. The function can be used to overflow the mass between its daughter cells. You can feed a friend or player in misfortune.
After pressing F, the cell freezes in place without moving.