Yo Ho Ho io

About game

Yo ho ho io game is very fun online battle of pirates in Battle Royale mode. As a real pirate, above all, fight for gold to get rich. And of course, try to survive on yohoho.io arena to win round and get most experience.
Gold and experience will give you the opportunity to unlock new powerful skins. The more expensive skin the stronger pirate becomes.

Yo Ho Ho io

Yo Ho Ho io game

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How to play

Gold coins in the game Yo ho ho io can be found in chests or taken away from the destroyed opponents. The stronger enemy you destroyed, the more coins will fall out of it. According to Battle Royale style, the winner is the one who remained last alive shrinking battlefield.
In other gameplay specific this game in many ways resembles such popular online arenas as Brutal Mania io and Evowars io game.


Everything is quite simple. All that is required of you is to deftly move on battlefield swinging a sword.
Pirate follows cursor.
Click left mouse button to attack.
Press and hold left mouse button to charge acceleration.