Yohoho io 2

Yohoho io 2 is new gangsters Battle Royale game based on the same popular gameplay. The main difference is that in gangsterz.io you can buy and upgrade a healer pet that will restore your gangster's health. Also, there are some new skins with new weapons - sword, saber, pike, ax, etc.
Actually, gangsters io game is new mode of yo ho ho io battle where you have to fight for gold and glory of the last survivor on islands. But now a pet healer will help you.

Yohoho io 2

Yohoho io 2 game

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How to play

Like before, in each battle you have several tasks at once. The first task is to defeat all competitors in order to remain the last living gangster. The second is to collect as much gold as possible for upgrades. To do this, you need to collect gold coins that are scattered on the surface, break chests in which there are innumerable wealth, and also collect a drop from defeated competitors. The bigger the opponent, the more money will fall out of him.
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Character moves behind the pointer
One-click left mouse button is one hit
Press and hold this button to charge, and then release at the right time for crushing blow. The same function can be used as acceleration.
Stop for regeneration. Hearts flying around indicate that your beloved pet heals you with its affection.