Lordz 2 .io

Lordz 2 .io game is new improved version of Lords online battle. The game Lordz2.io has several new gameplay components and cool reward system, but you still have to collect tribute from controlled lands to build up your troops and build new fortifications. Fight rivals for excellence on the map and enjoy more beautiful graphics. Rewards for your game achievements will be chests with various improvements for warriors.

Lordz 2 io

Lordz2.io game

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How to play

The game Lordz 2 .io has even more components than previous version. In the beginning, you have some money to build a small fortress. It is better not to spend all the money on construction. Just install several barracks and create a small mobile squad to collect money. After getting rich you can proceed to an intensive build-up of property and troops. The best way to get acquainted with all the subtleties of this big game is to play.


WASD - move or change to mouse control in setting.
Letters and numbers on icons will show you the way to activate it.